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Dead Boys Club

‘If they ever come here,’ his father had warned, ‘drop everything. Just run and hide!’ And now they were here. God’s Freedom Army or whatever their name was. Bringers of blood and suffering. Rebels! Killers! Every one of them.’

tinybookbrownDead Boys’ Club

Hachette (2013)
Paperback 978-0-340-99960-8
E-book   978-1-444-91332-3

Imagine dawn – a strange quiet, no cockerels crowing.

You step outside your hut, curious. Then you see them – children with rifles racing at you. Yelling. Firing.

Imagine running, hiding. But they find you and the other children. Ripped from what is left of your village. Force marched to the training camp.

You’ve seen what these child soldiers and their masters, the men with the machine guns, will do to someone just for disobeying. They decide if you will live or die.

Now you are a child soldier. Do you fight alongside them or against them?

If you are Sam Mbali, aged 12, this nightmare has just become your reality.

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